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From seaside to Australia’s capital city – we love Canberra

February 17, 2016

From the tranquillity of Bateman’s, to the pristine open spaces of Canberra. Many Australian’s seem to dislike their capital city – Canberra. Apparently Albury was once one of the choices for the capital many years ago – but a sandstorm struck and it was deemed an unsuitable climate. Canberra won the day, and it certainly reminds us of England in many ways, not least the amount of roundabouts and open spaces. It’s surrounded by hills, a short drive takes you to some of the many nearby national parks, and fantastic views of the city. Another reminder of the vastness of the country. We are here because some of our oldest friends emigrated here ten years ago, and they spend part of their time here because he has joined the Australian Army, and is based here during the week. Our base is the Diplomat Hotel, just a block or two away from their apartment near the foreshore –a beautiful part of the city. We spend our time sampling the local bars and café’s, visiting the many fantastic museums and art galleries that Canberra has to offer, and driving into the city centre to sample – wait for it, a little piece of England – Jamie’s Italian! Another highlight was the Sunday morning market at the old bus station and a look around the glassworks, witnessing the artists create vases, glasses and sculpture made from glass.

From Canberra we travel back to their home in Albury, for a slice of Australian life and a catch up with our friends of many years. We are grateful for their hospitality – it’s so lovely to relax and not have to be in a hotel for a change, and we spend a few days not doing very much apart from sampling local coffee and walking in the local botanical gardens. Simple things, such as doing a bit of washing, having a home cooked meal, and playing with their gorgeous Labrador George – after many weeks of travelling it’s these opportunities, and the chance to sit back and reflect on the last two weeks which are worth their weight in gold. One thing I am looking forward to is my own bed, and an opportunity to hang up my clothes and not live out of a suitcase – travel is a wonderful thing, but after a while it does make you appreciate the little things that mean a lot back home, despite the generosity and amenability of your hosts, wherever you may be in this world.

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