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Week three/four – From Mornington to Byron Bay, via Albury & Nelson’s Bay, then onto Tamborine

January 25, 2016


One of the disadvantages of touring Australia by car (for there aren’t many in my book) is the long distances between destinations. On paper, a seven hour drive seems doable, until it turns into nearly ten with a couple of stops. So, we make our way to Byron’s Bay to meet friends for a long weekend break, with a quick stopover at their house in Albury (stop at a supermarket to get a disappointing supper) then it’s up early to travel to Nelson’s Bay – but by the time we arrive it’s pretty late and dark once we’ve had dinner at the pub next door to the hotel – so you get the picture, you simply don’t get time to explore the area. Still, the main point is to get up there and meet our friends and enjoy Byron.
Byron Bay is like stepping into another world – laid back, invariably sunny and warm, full of hippies, students on gap years and other assorted ‘characters’ – yet the vibe is good, the beach beautiful and it’s impossible not to relax and absorb. Four nights zip by, and it’s soon time to drive to Tamborine to our friend’s place in the forest. I’ve know her since I was seventeen, and she was responsible for getting me and my husband together back in 1982! We lost touch for a large number of years (before the days of internet and mobile phones) and it was a chance meeting between a mutual friend which reunited us seven years ago. Since then we’ve seen each other three times and this will be the fourth – it’s like the years roll back and we chat like we’ve never been apart.
Their house in Tamborine is beautiful, so quiet and still (apart from the cicada’s), so it’s impossible not to relax. Days are spent chatting, swimming in the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, exploring the area and sleeping! A family of butcher birds visit every afternoon for a treat of minced beef – they’ve been feeding them since before our last visit in 2013, and now the birds have three babies. Watch them every day and you can see small changes, they get a little bolder, lose a few more downy feathers, and practice being able to catch the meat mid-air. One night we are visited by a possum and his mum, and I am in wildlife element! They only pop in for a drink of water, a munch on the plants and helpfully pose for a couple of photos. During our stay we spend a night away in Noosa, to catch up with a couple we first met ten years ago at a resort in Uluru. Since then we have managed to see them every time we’ve come to Australia, for dinner in Noosa. We dined on fabulous seafood at Gusto, which is on the river – where we get special attention as they eat there an awful lot!
Our motel, a bit of a bargain for Noosa at £70 a night is great, a bit like the Travelodge chain in the UK – huge comfy bed and pillows, fierce shower, clean and friendly with lots of parking. This one even had a pool! We decide to spend a few hours shopping and having breakfast, then drive a bit further out from the car park in the woods and discover another beach we’ve not seen before – idyllic, not busy and littered here and there with swimmers and kite surfers. The sea is an unbelievable tropical blue, the breeze just enough to take the intense 32 degree heat off our backs. Shame we didn’t book a second night! Next time though…

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