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Long time no see…

January 29, 2014

I was shocked and rather cross with myself when I revisted my blog this morning. It’s been 8 months since I posted anything. Terrible! At the time of the last posting I was stricken with food poisoning at the Hay Festival, something that lasted for about 3 weeks, losing 11 pounds in weight as a result. I spent a few months recovering, before my love for food resulted in regaining the lost pounds, much to my despair. Having got behind with my English Masters dissertation, the remainder of the year was spent juggling that and the care for my mum, which is a whole new world of jargon and red tape. I could rant about that for hours but won’t bore you with it here.

The dissertation, entitled ‘D.H Lawrence, the Censors and the Publishers: The publication of Women in Love and Lady Chatterley’s Lover was submitted early in January, and now it seems I have my life back. So, therein lies the question; ‘What is next?’

I’ve taken over as editor of our local parish newsletter. I’ve joined a choir, started knitting again, and baking (you should taste my chocolate flapjacks and chocolate banana bread). I’m still trying to get our local book club to actually talk about books a bit more (at the moment it’s very much a red wine and local gossip club!) and plan to start a book review blog. Yes I know there are loads, but this one will be an aide memoire more than anything, as I have a terrible habit of buying books twice…

So, it’s semi-retirement with a purpose. I have a short story that I wrote whilst doing the creative writing module of my BA, which is crying out for development into something more. My ebook Love Your Back may finally be published, but I need a more creative outlet. I recently had a session of Reiki, and was told to work with words and colour, and explore this in order to improve my general health. Spooky, huh?

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