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The morning after the night (fortnight) before….

August 14, 2012

Well, the recovery begins here. After a fortnight of being high on adrenaline, wrung out with salty tears, and a body clock shot to pieces, Monday morning arrives. I rescued Pete in a contorted state from the sofa at around 4am this morning, he still lies sleeping. As I a mope around the flat, I see our union jack flag still hanging victoriously in the window, the lanyard full of pins lies on the floor and various other memorabilia are strewn around the living room.  

Turning on the TV quietly, I flick through the strangely silent red button channels, still echoing to the sounds of Elbow’s Olympic tune, thanking us for watching. The news channels provide us with varying degrees of euphoric and prophesising summaries of the last fifteen days. 

Will the feelgood factor last? It’s up to us as individuals, we no longer have the collective banner that is Team GB success or gamesmaker uniforms to make our public face smile. Commuters will return to the hurly burly, hangovers will fade, and resolutions will be made. 

Me? Well I’m looking forward to what many consider to be true feats of effort and endurance, the Paralympic Games which begin on 29th August. Let’s see if we can continue this party a little longer! 

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  1. August 14, 2012 6:29 pm

    I think it has demonstrated what we collectively as a nation, are capable of when the eyes of the world are upon us. It makes the World Cup selection look pretty dodgy for FIFA now.

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