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Save the secret

July 27, 2012

Well, at 20.12 this evening the celebrations will begin (not that that’s stopped lots of people, everyone I speak to has started already!) and the mostly well-kept secret that derived from the genius mind of film maker and director Danny Boyle will unfold on our screens.

We were lucky enough to have 3 tickets for the technical rehearsal on Wednesday night. Pete & I took our 16-year-old nephew with us for a day and night out we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. It emerged that we seemed to have some kind of ‘Golden Ticket’ as we made our way to the stadium. People stopped us to ask ‘how did you get the ticket?’ and ‘have you got any spares?’ – it was hard not to feel a little smug as we told them that we’d been given tickets as we had volunteered for the games!

I’m still not going to give away any clues (the media have done enough of that already, the spoilsports), but suffice to say that it was the best live event we’ve ever seen, you will not be disappointed. So, whatever your plans tonight, make sure it involves watching the TV for the greatest show on earth. It’ll be emotional, inspiring, and make you proud to be living in a country full of such talented, creative and eccentric people. A true celebration of Great Britain.


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