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The ‘procedure’

May 7, 2012

Well, the morning dawned at long last. Eight months after I saw the consultant, I was finally at the hospital waiting for the nerve root injections in my spine, hoping that the pain would be alleviated for at least enough time to build up stronger core muscles and hopefully nudge the bulging disc back into its rightful position. 

It was the strangest experience. A needle in the back of my hand saw a strong painkiller and a sedative being administered, and I felt the scratch in my back, which was the epidural. Two sharp jabs must have been the cortisone going in, and then the next thing I remember I was back on the trolley in the recovery area with an oxygen mask on! My groin area was numb, and the whole of my back just ached, like I’d been kicked. I drifted whoozily for a while, as the nurse checked my blood pressure and brought me tea and biscuits. 


Eventually, after I had proven that everything was ‘in working order downstairs’ I was able to go home. The ache lasted just a few days, after which my back felt looser and more mobile than it had for months, I was optimistic. During the following days, I went for a gentle swim and did my Pilates exercises at home, went for a few short walks. 

Ten days later though, and I still have sciatica in my left leg. It doesn’t seem to come on quite as quickly as before, but when it does, it’s just as intense. Frustrating isn’t the word. I wasn’t thinking this would be a miracle cure, but hoped it would last at least a few months so I could do all the remedial exercise required. 

I’m back at physio this week, and hope she isn’t going to write me off! I don’t see the consultant until July, and if she doesn’t want to see me again I will feel quite abandoned. This time last year I was a stone heavier and training for the Race for Life. After we finished, we were talking of doing the 10k race this year, how 12 months can change your life eh? At the moment I’d be happy just to walk around the block with minimal pain. 


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