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For a moment there…

April 19, 2012

Just had a little panic on WordPress. I logged in and it wouldn’t let me draft a new post! Had someone hacked my account? Had WordPress changed the permissions without my permission? Had I had a senior moment? Well it seems like it’s letting me write this, so I’d better keep going.

In a week’s time, I hope to be reporting of a successful procedure on my back – nerve root cortisone injections – and with any luck, be free of pain. At the moment I can’t sit/lie down/stand/walk for more than a few minutes without the pulsating nag of a pain hurtling down my left leg as if it’s life depended on it. The painkillers and anti-inflamatories are hardly touching it. So, if the surgeon manages to point the needle in exactly in the right place he will be my new best friend and on my Christmas card list for life!

So, here’s to a good nights sleep, the ability to walk for miles and a shopping trip without pain as soon as possible. Don’t take these things for granted, one wrong move and it could be you. Look after your back!!

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