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Thank you and good night

July 15, 2011

Last night I met my old team mates for a drink. Although it’s been nearly a year since I left work, it was only 2 weeks for many of them. The wounds are still raw, that much was obvious. Some had moved on to work at another of the offices, others had interviews, or even jobs lined up. Everyone is moving on. So, the ties that bound us together are finally cut. I was left wondering if I would ever clap eyes on some people ever again, and that makes me a little sad. A place I ‘grew up’ in has closed, life experiences are now just memories, no longer shared on an almost daily basis. I’d like to think that one or two of us will stay in touch, but as busy lives take over, the reality of this will probably fade. Social media tools such as Facebook will allow us to dip in and out of each others lives, and perhaps that is meant to be. I could go into more detail about the evening’s gossip, but that would betray confidences. Suffice to say, lives really are changing in a dramatic way for some. Time to say goodbye, or maybe just au revoir……

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