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Winter lurgies and shopping injuries

December 3, 2010

The party season is here! I spent a chilly few hours in our local market town having coffee and Christmas shopping with a friend on Wednesday. Despite the fact we were layered up like Michelin women, the temptation of a sale of designer clothes claimed us, like hormonal women round a chocolate bar. My friend Donna found 2 gorgeous dresses – simple, glitzy, yet stylish. Me – I tried on a beautiful black number, all zips and pleats and swirly skirts. Clumsy oaf that I am; I managed to get into a bit of a tangle while trying it on. My arms pointing skywards, I was trapped between the pleats and zip – and too embarrassed between my giggles to ask for help, I managed to pull a muscle in my shoulder in my attempts to escape the clutches of chiffon. Damn you party dresses – why are you so complicated? Didn’t fit anyway, so I sulked about how sizes are “just not the same anymore!”

This morning I awoke with a sore throat and winter sniffles. Good timing – I am off to St Andrews tomorrow for my first ever Spurs away game! My OH informs that “everyone always sings” at away games, and “everyone always stands up”. So my sore throat will be getting “one hell of a beating” and I am sure I’ll be learning lots of new songs and “new words” too! Prepare yourself for the arrival of the Michelin woman’s larger more cuddly sister, for the employment of many layers will be called for. COYS!!!!!

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