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Why we blog

October 5, 2010

As I was messing around on the laptop this morning (it’s my method of easing my way into the day…)  I came across a very interesting article on the OU forum I belong to. It talks about why writers (or wannabe ones) bother to blog. Personally, I do it for cathartic reasons. I also do it to practice my writing, sort out an idea in my head or share information with whoever can be bothered to look. It’s something I always share on facebook or twitter or both – I am always searching for approval or feedback. I guess it’s something that all writers need – positive approval of their work. It seems to be a basic need, which is why we keep on doing it. The writer of the article in question also poses the question – is it just a means of marketing our ‘brand’? I for one have never thought of it like this, but it has set me thinking. It would be nice to make a career out of writing, but at the moment I’d far rather receive good feedback, I guess that’s why I’ll never be an entrepreneur – or a ‘creative entrepreneur’ as the writer explains. Take a look at it and decide for yourself:

I’d be interested to hear your thoughts as always…..

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