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Post under the influence

October 1, 2010

Mmmmm. Under the influence of what? All of the posts I have made so far have been sober, considered, and reasonable. I wondered what kind of post I would write after being under the influence of my usual poison, alcohol – or, more specifically, wine. For one thing being the spelling and grammatical hag that I am, it has taken twice as long to write, in order to correct the aforementioned spelling and grammatical errors (hic!). Blimey, if people think they can drive after imparting a bottle of wine then it’s no wonder there is so much carnage on the road, especially if you compare it to the carnage on this page – prior to the spell check!!!

Anyways…..after a lovely evening with my my lovely ex- team mates, I find myself reminscing about the years (and experiences) gone by and wishing I could bottle them.  They are all unique, beautiful, funny people. There must be few places in the world who can say the same.  I will sign off now before I get too carried away and say things that are not considered, that I may regret…… but sometimes you never miss things until they are gone……..

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  1. October 5, 2010 10:23 am

    Despite my best efforts, I have come back today to correct a few more errors…!

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