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The thought of something new….

September 7, 2010

Having sunk comfortably into the role of 1950’s housewife (sans pinny) I was pulled sharply back into reality a few days ago. An old friend has put me in touch with someone who runs a marketing company, and needs staff as soon as possible! We exchanged a few emails (nothing ventured, nothing gained I thought) and all of a sudden I find myself on the end of the phone talking to a very nice lady about working part-time from home doing telemarketing!  Completely out of my comfort zone, I find myself admitting to her. I am taking a few days to decide, because the last thing I want to do is waste time for either of us. A lunch with friends and a meeting with a careers advisor later this week should help me with that.

Doesn’t it just prove the theory “things happen when you least expect them”?

I have also just bought a small set of watercolour paints. I have no idea if I will be any good, I shunned art lessons at school. When we had to draw a skeleton for our homework, I got in such a tangle with it my friend helped me – and in return I helped with her English homework!! But I have an understanding and appreciation of art, which I did not way back then. So, I’m off to create a little “masterpiece” of my own. If it’s not a complete disaster, I’ll put a picture on here for you to decide…..

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