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May 26, 2010

Well the world is in disarray. At least the parallel world in which I exist at the moment. The comfy, cosy, set up for life world of a (hardworking) civil servant is over. I was all set to go at the end of the year and take the nice redundancy package. Then the unions seemingly pulled the rug from under our feet. By claiming a victory in the courts against an imposed new redundancy package, the whole thing has been frozen until further notice. The power is seemingly back with the Government. My stomach lurches at the mere mention of the future. I hope and pray (in a purely secular way) that they will “do the right thing” and allow us to leave under the current terms until all parties can agree the new ones.

The atmosphere at work has been strange to say the least. The most laid-back, calmest of creatures have lashed out in a primeval manner, some might say they are reverting to type. I find I am resenting every minute I spend at the office, in favour of more cerebral pastimes. I bought a book yesterday, about how we use the English language. I lost myself in it during my lunch hour, which seemed to go by in a nanosecond. “This is what I want to do!” a voice shouts silently in my ear, as I spent the rest of the afternoon throwing papers around my desk, having a semi-silent strop with myself.

Still, only two more sleeps, and we’ll be on the road to Hay, our annual jaunt with our lovely friends to visit arguably the world’s greatest literary festival. To be around like-minded people, away from life’s daily stresses is what is needed right now. Never have I needed a holiday more. I will drink thirstily from the array of knowledge on offer, actually make proper notes this year – this year it really matters. I will savour every waking moment, my senses alive and receptive, waiting to listen, learn, and love. 

Watch out for my Hay blogs from Friday onwards ……..

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