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Man and the pub

April 29, 2010

Man’s life “down the pub” is one of life’s great mysteries.  They wander down there alone, in the hope of a liason with one of their mates, or perhaps a stranger, with only a pint and the football to bond over.  A solitary creature, he moves around the bar, making occasional eye contact with the barmaid (or is bar person more pc?) with occasional visits to either the ciggy machine, slot machine or the gents. His pint marking his territory on the bar, let no man (or woman) dare intrude. Last night I witnessed a different kind of creature. I was out with three friends I’ve known for eight years or so, since I moved back down south and continued my OU degree with. We laughed, compared notes about courses, reminisced and generally had a great time catching up with each others news. On the edge of our territory was a lone male,  drinking alone with only a pint for company. Was he waiting for a friend I wondered? He sat facing the rest of the pub, on the table next to ours. His T-shirt tucked into his trousers (the seventh deadly sin!), he was obviously dressing to impress. As time went on I couldn’t help noticing a tiny sideways glance or two in our direction. As he eavesdropped, I watched his reaction to our conversation. The tiniest of smirks crept out of the side of his mouth. The lone male glanced down at his watch now and again – he’d been stood up by someone, I was sure. He moved to the bar, ordered another pint and returned to his table. The others seemed blissfully unaware of our observer – or if they were, no-one mentioned it at the end of the evening. Perhaps he was a lurking writer, who frequented pubs for insights into the female psyche? Or a sad singleton in want of company? However it seemed, it struck me that we were all part of some ancient performance, there will be one played out each night, in every pub in England perhaps. The second pint downed, he bid goodnight to the barmaid and left. Not a word. Was it all in my imagination? I cannot imagine any woman doing the same. We move in packs.

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  1. April 29, 2010 11:22 am

    Damn, you spotted me.

  2. April 29, 2010 11:39 am

    Ha, ha, it was a good disguise! Surely you never “tuck in” T?

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