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April 11, 2010

Today I feel helpless. Someone close to me has a lot of personal problems but hasn’t got the courage to help themselves, nor will they accept help from others. So, stuck between a rock and a hard place – or so it seems to them. As one with a glass half full, I really struggle to see the world with a glass half empty. So there lies the problem, there is a limit to my compassion, which I hate, but cannot control. I would not make a good nurse, or teacher, or counsellor. There is an overwhelming urge in me to say “pull yourself together!” which is totally the wrong thing to say, I know. Having been through a bout of depression myself when I was a teenager, and anxiety when I was in my twenties, I know how hard it is – but I also know that in the end we have to find it in ourselves to want to overcome it. When I say “want” I mean really want, with all your heart and soul, to the expense of everything else. It takes courage, and daring, and you have to weigh up in your mind what is at stake if you don’t. Life is difficult for many people these days, with the economic downturn, redundancies and so on. But I am a great believer in taking pleasure from the small things in life, and hanging on to them. I try not look too far around the corner, because if we do that we are in danger in missing out with what life has to offer. What is around the corner? Perhaps a sunny day, a hug from a friend, something really nice – or a big red bus that’ll knock us over. If we spend all the time looking out for the big red bus we miss all of the good things in life. How lucky are we to live in a society where the state will look after us if we’re down on our luck, mend us when we are broken and help us in all sorts of ways that a third world country can only dream of?  We need to constantly remind ourselves, and even on days when it seems like there are no answers, stop and think about those who cannot even think about the awfulness of their situation, because they need every waking breath and thought just to survive.

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