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New Blog – New Life

March 17, 2010

Well, nearly! This marks a new stage in my life, an impending redundancy – which , by the way I am happy to take. I have so many plans: an MA, writing, photography, allotment (not got that yet but am on the waiting list!) and housewife superstar! It represents the kick up the backside I need, and I am finding it hard to contain my excitement. It’s a difficult one – so many of my colleagues are devastated by the news, as is my sister who is also affected. There are only a few friends I have at work who share my excitement. So, there are countless trips to the drinks machine to discuss our plans in furtive whispers, as we try not to give too much away!! It would be insensitive to do so, hence the new blog where I can blurt out my feelings without fear of reprisal. My other half may also be affected (it’s complicated) and we won’t know if he’ll be taking early retirement or not for a few weeks yet. So, still a little uncertainty,  but hope gleams a little light around the corner. There will be a link to a Flickr site with my photographs in due course, and this page will be vamped up a bit too. The old blog may still be used, but as far as the future goes – it gets played out right here.

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